Founded in 1990, Science and Technology Development Center of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Center") is a consultancy and service institution focusing on pharmaceutical science and technology.   

Under the leadership of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (CPA), the Center adheres to the purpose of "serving the country and the industry", and bears the mission of "serving pharmaceutical science and technology, serving pharmaceutical industry, serving government decision-making, and serving the society and economy". For the purposes, the Center actively serves as a bridge and link, makes efforts to promote the combination of pharmaceutical science and technology and market economy, and pushes forward the sustainable and healthy development of medical science and technology, in order to play a part in people's wellbeing and socio-economic construction. Especially, since its reshuffle in 2008, the Center has achieved a comprehensive and rapid development with remarkable achievements and honors.   

The main business of the Center covers four major parts as below: 

1. The Center is responsible for the management and operation of China Medical Economic Information Network (hereinafter referred to as "CMEI") of CPA. Since it was founded in 1993, CMEI has set up 35 subnetworks in China with more than a thousand network members across the country, covering all administrative areas except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and forming a three-level management model of the general network - the local networks - the network member hospitals. CMEI has gradually developed into the most extensive, the most sustained and the most authoritative medical information service platform in China by collecting the first hand data of continuous medications in network member hospitals, and building the industry big data information service platform and “national new medical information think tank”. In order to improve the pharmacy services of clinical pharmacy workers, the Center has organized nearly 400 sessions of “National Public Tour Lecture on Safe and Rational Drug Use” activities nationwide with total around 40,000 participants.

2. The Center undertakes national research projects to provide auxiliary information for government decision-making. Based on the advantages of its own medical information resources and expert resources, the Center has completed more than 60 research tasks of ministries and commissions’ decision-making research and has  actively provided research support for the national development planning, the development of pharmaceutical industry and public health literacy. In addition, the Center has set up a research and management team with complex knowledge structure which is led by experienced experts and meets the needs of decision-making research, established a scientific, rigorous, standardized and practical research and management mechanism, and generated four research series of national drug policy, pharmaceutical industry policy, drug emergency system and public pharmaceutical science popularization. Moreover, it provides a technical service model in terms of policy advice, assistant decision-making and assessment and evaluation. A number of research results have become the basis for decision-making of ministries and commissions. "Suggestions on Strengthening the Construction of National Drug Emergency Information" and "Core Medication Catalogue of Medical Health Institutions" were approved by the State Council. Besides, as one of the major achievements from "Screening and Evaluation of Public Health Popularization Technology" under major project of the “11th Five-year” National Science and Technology Support Plan, the "Public Health Q&A" collection won the second prize of 2016 National Science and Technology Progress Award, and another two studies were awarded the grand prize and second class prize of decision-making advice achievement by China Association for Science and Technology.
3.The Center is also dedicated to independent software technology R&D and provides drug information data services. Under the guidance of data business demands and the support of information technology development, the Center has established a high-quality professional R&D team to explore the information integration in various related fields, and conduct multi-dimensional analysis by using advanced technologies such as cloud computing, fuzzy computation, and big data, and it has developed a high-level data analysis software with clustered data processing, diverse analysis models, blurring inference process and visual analysis results. As a high-tech enterprise in Beijing, the Center has obtained 36 certificates of computer software copyright, passed the CMMI Level 3 certification and review as well as the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification and review. It also provides technical supports to help government decision-making and the development of pharmaceutical industry.      

4. The Center make efforts to build a talent team for pharmaceutical popularization and carry out health education to the public on safe medication. Relying on the CMEI network, the Center has established a talent team for science popularization consisting of experts, talented personnel and volunteers, which has pooled popular science synergies on safe medication. Besides, the Center has developed high-quality science popularization resources and products that achieved a unique science popularization brand on safe medication. It has participated in science popularization activities in the past 9 years, including "Science and Technology Week", " National Science Popularization Day", and "Safety Medication Week", and more than 64 public activities in science popularization have been carried out, benefiting the public of more than 300 million people. In addition, the Center has won more than 20 Awards (Times) by different popular science commendation awards, and awarded the title of "advanced collective of national science popularization" for two times, it has been appraised as "the excellent association of popular science" by China Association for Science and Technology for 7 consecutive years, commended for its "National Science Popularization Day" promotion activity for eight times. A series of popular science activities has made a brand such as "Safety Medication, Health Attention", "Drug Safety Internet Knowledge Contest", "Let the dream sail in the science ocean", and "Pharmacists around You", etc.